‘TIGER EYE provides the CISO or CSO with an instant, real-time view of the enterprise security posture.

Tiger Eye

The CISO's we interviewed often complained they were spending too much time pulling data together for reporting purposes, this detracted from the time needed for delivering the transformational change leadership they ought to be owning. So TIGER EYE provides an instant, real-time view of the enterprise security posture. With TIGER EYE the CISO can see what is going on now but also has the ability, through predictive analytics, to help secure your organisations future as well. Now the CISO can see the real-time posture clearly with a settings and control overlay that allows them to focus on leading the business to a more secure place as opposed to chasing for insight.


  • Automatically builds and assesses your security eco-system
  • Based on existing cybersecurity infrastructure.
  • Quantifies baseline security and vulnerability levels
  • Customizes Critical Security Controls to ensure continuous and robust enterprise protection.
  • Operational Technology (OT), Physical Security and Cyber (Digital) Security are all covered.

How does it work?

Ascot Barclay Group along with our selected partners deploy low impact read-only tools that automatically deploy on the corporate network often in a matter of hours, immediately delivering an invaluable new cybersecurity view.

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