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Skybox provides the industry’s broadest cybersecurity management platform to address security challenges within large, complex networks. By integrating with 120 networking and security technologies, the Skybox® Security Suite gives comprehensive attack surface visibility and the context needed for informed action. Our analytics, automation and intelligence improve the efficiency and performance of security operations in vulnerability and threat management and firewall and security policy management for the world’s largest organizations.

Key Business Benefits
  • Increased likelihood of maintaining resilience in multi-outsourced environments
  • Improved management and prioritization of outsourcer activity
  • De-risking and streamlining of critical processes
  • Automated visibility of network compliance
  • Reduced audit costs thanks to manual methods being phased out
  • Reduced complexity for Security Operations teams


For enterprises that have already outsourced all or part of their infrastructure, Skybox provides the visibility needed to de-risk these environments.
For those in the process of outsourcing or transitioning from one provider to another, Skybox safeguards access to all data needed to mitigate these challenges by building it into outsourcing contracts from the outset.

Complete Visibility of Third-Party Infrastructure

Skybox enables constant, day-to-day visibility of any third-party infrastructure. When combined with the solution’s mature processes and the delivery of the context needed to proactively maintain resilience and respond in the event of an attack, it is clear that the Skybox® Security Suite offers a step-up from the ad hoc audit data that is generally provided by outsourcers.

Comprehensive Modeling and Analytics

The modeling and analytics provided by Skybox enable visibility into how outsourcers are managing the infrastructure. This includes visibility of network compliance and visibility into whether the patching being carried out is actually maintaining resilience.

Thorough De-risking of Operational Processes

Skybox establishes mature operational processes between your organization and its outsourcer(s) in critical areas such as network compliance, change management, vulnerability patch management, security operations and incident response. It brings unity to fragmented environments.

Global Strengthening of Security and Compliance

Skybox provides the visibility needed to ensure outsourced providers are meeting their obligations around compliance and security. And, by enabling visibility into third-party resources, Skybox can assist with meeting governance requirements around legislation such as GDPR.

Fully Supported SOC

By providing complete visibility of the entire infrastructure, including the outsourced component(s), Skybox enables a SOC to function more proactively (as opposed to simply monitoring), and also to adopt a much more effective context-aware approach to incident response.

Reduced Risk of Cyber Breaches

Through a combination of mature processes, visibility of what third parties are doing, and helping outsourcers to prioritize and proactively fix identified issues, Skybox can help you to reduce the risk of cyber breaches.
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