Our 5M Structured Approach

Our 5M model helps you to develop a cyber-secure organisation and become Hacker HardenedTM, protecting your data and the future of your company.

our approach

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we supply experienced CISO and senior security leadership capabilities and cyber security resources to help you lead, deliver or support an efficient and effective security model.

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we map your systems and data to build a model of your security estate and measure to assess your current security maturity and level of risk. We then baseline your cyber and security controls and maturity level to define and inform your business strategy, policy, budget and critical defensive projects and security capabilities.

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after mapping we provide a pro-active defensive overview of your security estate, identifying areas that are potentially open to exploitation from internal and external breaches. We monitor for anomalies and changes and provide executive insight for improved decision making.

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we will test your systems to identify gaps across physical security, digital (cyber) security and associated human factors. We prioritise mitigation based on your level of risk, threat landscape, budgets and your cultural and resourcing requirements.

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let us manage your security for you with our virtual CISO, CSO and DPO executive management support service. Recognising that the business, legislative and security threat landscape changes frequently, we help you achieve and maintain an ongoing Hacker HardenedTM status.
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