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The TigerEye 5M’s for Cyber Security

Like most company executives you will be aware of the risk from a significant cyber security incident or breach.

No matter what size, every business or organisation is susceptible to hacking. It may well have happened already.


Be award there are hackers who sit on corporate systems and networks exfiltrating data, without being detected. This may well have gone on for years undetected.

For those lucky enough not to be impacted the general consensus, don’t be smug. Across security, government, industry and commerce authorities, they believe that it’s a case of if, but when! 

There have been incidents where highly successful companies have been eliminated from the market as a result of ignoring cyber risk. It’s not a scare mongering tactic it’s fact.

For over a decade, the Ascot Barclay Group hasbeen helping executives like you to ensure your company or organisation is Hacker Hardened. As a consequence we have a highly sophisticated and developed approach that emanates from deep knowledge and understanding.

We offer a comprehensive and structured process called the TigerEye  5M’s to significantly improve your company safety. The 5Ms are:

• Management
• Measurement
• Mitigation
• Monitoring and
. Maintaining

That is maintaining a resilient security posture on going, recognising the need for continued checking, testing and vigilance.

Monitoring recognises the fact that the threat landscape is constantly growing and evolving. As a consequence we can never think the job is done. Complacency is your enemy.

If this prompts you to think that your security should be reappraise and strengthened, then perhaps it’s time to talk with us.

We would like the opportunity to discuss options with you. After all it is smart partnerships that have the best chance against cyber attacks.

We will review, test or bolster your cyber defences and check if you have been hacked. You may not be aware that it has already happened.

If there is anything else we can help with, please do get in touch. Together we can ensure you are Hacker Hardened.


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