As the threat landscape grows and legislation becomes more stringent, the skills and competencies for success as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) also become more significant.

Our research shows that there are different CISO styles and the best match depends on the environment and level of organizational maturity the individual is asked to oversee and protect.

YOUR CISO FINGERPRINT – A graphical representation of your prowess that you can compare with the data on other Officers who have completed the assessment.
YOUR STYLE – Your unique approach to the role as informed by the responses you gave to key questions as to approach and bias.


The many Finger Print assessment results in so far illustrate that just like the human finger print all CISO's are truly unique. So what is this assessment?

The CISO Finger Print presents a graphical image of the CISO in a non- linear model that:

  • weighs core characteristics / traits
  • removes sensitivity over scoring
  • presents a useful comparison platform giving insight into relative prowess (not subjective / idealistic)
  • informs the CISO office (whether one or more strong) of where to add complementary strengths when possible to do so
  • clarifies the role specification for those considering hiring a CISO (what flavour of CISO do I need?)

How do I take the assessment?

Please feel free to take the assessment which is early in its development stage, we welcome feedback. Your report is for your eyes only unless you ask for it to be Certified in which case your responses will be audited / checked and you will likely be interviewed.


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