The CISO (CSO or Security Leader) can be seen as the bus stop for all things cyber and security including aspect beyond their reach or areas of expertise. The job specification includes a kitchen sink or two and when it comes to taking responsibility for a hack guess where the buck often stops!

This role spawned as an afterthought in the late 1990's and its relative immaturity presents a series of traps into which the unwary invariably fall.



The many assessment results received thus far illustrate that Manage Monitor organizatons have a diferent attude, culture and maturity level with respect to Cybersecurity. Completng the short queston set on the Ascot Barclay website will help identfy yours. So what is this assessment?

The CISO FOOTPRINT™ based on the answers you provide, presents a graphical image of your organizaton’s approach to Cybersecurity risk management and mitgaton, and covers:

  • Approach – Cultural Observatons
  • Management - Key Leadership Factors
  • Monitor – Visible oversight of security posture
  • Measure – Capture current security baseline, prioritse and plans
  • Mitgate – Risk mitgaton and resoluton
  • Maintain – Achieve and hold an appropriate level of security resilience

Please feel free to take the assessment which is early in its development stage, we welcome feedback. Your report is for your eyes only unless you ask for it to be Certified in which case your responses will be audited / checked and you will likely be interviewed.


This CISO FOOTPRINT assessment tool is NOT a test and as such there is no right or wrong answer nor is there a perfect number since the values are not expressed as numbers rather as a Foot PRINT (graphic) that can then be used to compare your companies relative bias to its approach to cyber security. There are many and varied approaches to delivering effective security. Your honest feel for the values within each section is valuable for the matching model to work well


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