7 Step Proven Approach - ABG has developed a unique phased approach to insulate, protect and secure our clients from Physical, Social and Cyber attacks. When complete we certify that they are HACKER HARDENEDTM

Audit & Lessons

Helping the board stay fully informed, engaged and benefitting from Information Security
Adversarial and Compliance AUDITs. ABG pride ourselves that we know enough about the vagaries and uncertainties that characterize the world of Cyber/Data/Operational and Information Security never to allow complacency to colour our thinking.
  • Revolving CISO – we rotate out CISO’s regularly and often in an ad-hoc way to audit each other and to add additional perspective
  • Senior CISO review – all of our clients will be oversighted by a member of our Senior CISO team
  • Learned – evolution is a perpetual cycle – continuous improvement – recognition of an evolving and dynamic threat landscape
Visionary – Our leadership is obsessive about understanding the security challenges faced by industry and our clients. We help to ensure that we stay at least a step ahead of our adversaries. Quarterly and annual review cycles ensure that forward momentum is maintained and a culture of security as a business enabler and market differentiator is realised. Taking past lessons and using them to secure future phases.
Helping ensure the board grasp the Information Security nettle, remove the sting then leverage your newly HACKER HARDENEDTM status as a valuable marketing differentiator


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