• Mike Loginov

2030 - The future of IOT is DUST.


But that was some 10 years ago and DUST has since its inception gone on to develop patented techniques to further reduce the size of its technology to the point where they are launching the much-improved DUST YOCTO sensor or ‘DUSTY’ for short.

(Use the prefix “nano” and you make any unit a billion times smaller. A nanometre? That’s a billionth of a meter. A nanosecond? That’s a billionth of a second. Nanowatt? Billionth of a Watt)

Anyway, smaller than nano?

Of course…here’s the full list of prefixes that define the thousandths and millionths and billionths of nano…

pico (million-millionth), femto (million-billionth), atto (billion-billionth), zepto (billion-trillionth), YOCTO (trillion-trillionth).

Along the way the use of the technology has also evolved and it seems its uses are limited only by the extent of our human imagination although that too is becoming less of a barrier as we move from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Automated Collective Intelligence (ACI) where all information is aggregated and analysed in an instant with the ability to change and affect outcomes in real time.

DUST has become such a ubiquitous and useful technology that its uses have spawned whole new industries, new methods of manufacturing, new materials and in short means that every single physical object, organic or not, is analysed, monitored, maintained and controlled to maintain an optimised and efficient eco system, and to ensure the viability of the planet.

Everything from the fabric of the buildings we live in, to the carpets we walk on and the cloths we ware will be covered with DUST if not made from it.

We will breath dust in and consume it with each meal, it will monitor what foods are uniquely good for us at an individual level impacting the health of the nation greatly reducing or eradicating disease and the need for the NHS. (Old age is not a killer - age related disease is!)

As crime becomes almost non existent the need for security services as we know them today disappears. No need for CCTV or even locks on doors the system knows who you are, where you are and what you are doing at all times, it knows you and all those you associate with intimately.

Everything you touch is manufactured from DUST it knows when you use it, how much, how often, where and for what purpose. It becomes self maintaining, is completely self powered and fully integrated to the DUST network it is the very fabric that ensures the survivability of mankind and the planet.

Thats before we even start thinking about SPACE DUST.... And Elon Musks vision for the colonisation of MARS and beyond.

Question is, are my words this afternoon a fantasy or a vision? Possible or not?

Could they be the sub theme for my next book or just the mind tinkerings of an author exploring the uncomfortable art of the possible.

So to finish allow me to briefly introduce the IOTSA a collaboration platform for Operational and IOT security around the globe if this is an area of interest take a look at the site and come join the initiative - be part of shaping the future as opposed to a victim of it. 

And of course....Parts of the vision painted in my talk we already have....IoT is real, sensors are real, nano technology is real, real world challenges impacting our planet we hear about frequently..... so on reflection...... perhaps the future really is DUST? (Blow some powder).

Thank You!

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