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  • “With the increase in criminal activity presenting a very real and persistent online threat to businesses like yours, heightened by increasing regulatory scrutiny and the risk of large fines and class actions, working with Ascot Barclay to map and manage your cyber security and regulatory risk makes good sense, and we are here to help.”
  • “With years of experience behind us and a proven approach to assess, improve, map, monitor and deal with cyber security and the risk of data breaches across your entire IT and OT (Operational Technology/ICS) estate, we can help you satisfy your stakeholders, clients and data security legislators (GDPR) that you take cyber and data security seriously.”
  • “Ascot Barclay's mature, risk-based approach to the provisioning of cybersecurity services makes them the perfect partner for Skybox Security. Mike and his team understand how the Skybox platform can be used to develop long-standing customer relationships and are adept at wrapping advance services before, during and after the platform's implementation. They are an astute, diligent and intelligent team that offers true value add in the cybersecurity domain. We highly recommend them. ”
    Uri Levy, VP Global Channels , Skybox Security


We're making Skybox the risk management centre of our universe. We're building dashboards that show risk across the entire enterprise to gain deep insight. It's only possible because Skybox correlates our relevant business information with our real-world risks. It's phenomenal technology.
Global Financial Services Company CISO
  • Are you concerned about your organisation becoming a victim of cybercrime?
  • Would your company benefit from becoming Hacker Hardened?
  • Have you mapped your systems and data? – What you can’t see, you can’t defend!
  • Do you want to reduce your risk of a data breach and avoid legislative fines?
  • Have you adequately secured your company, its IT and OT (ICS) Systems against cyber threats?


    CISO Defenders of the Cyber Realm

    Ascot Barclay Founder and CEO Mike Loginov has written an industry-acclaimed cyber security book, ‘CISO Defenders of the Cyber Realm’ available on Amazon.
    Contact us now to arrange a no obligation discussion on how we can best help ensure your business is secure. In return you can meet with Mike and request an author-signed personal copy of his book for free.

    CISO of the year - 2020

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