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    ABG offers a set of tools to help research and support the role of the CISO and for organisations to quickly and easily identify the the security maturity levels of the environments CISO’s are required to protect.

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    CISO Defenders of the Cyber Realm

    a book by Mike Loginov championing the role of the CISO

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    Allowing the CISO to SEE:
    • Install in less than 4 hours
    • Reads all tools / SIEMs
    • Combines primary GRC measures: ISO 27001, GDPR, Maturity Matrix, Your in-house preferences.

    Single pane of glass, real time view with auto alerts for out of limits and trend warnings that matter.

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    Beyond the bounds of the datacenter lies wider vulnerability

    Newly connected operational technology and the Industrial Internet present new levels of productivty but enhance exposure to Cyber crime.
    ABG co-founded the International Operational Technology Association

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    WHO'S NEXT?... Find out the status of your company
    High profile cases enter the news daily, ABG has developed a 101 offering that helps companies know where they are. "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

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Protecting your brand by protecting your data, your people and your assets from cyber, social and physical attack.

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Through TIGER EYE the CISO can see the real time posture clearly with a settings and control overlay that allows him or her to focus on leading the business to a securer place as opposed to gathering data / chasing for updates.

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Hacker Hardened™

At Ascot Barclay we have over the past fifteen years or so developed our 5M strategic approach towards moving our clients towards becoming Hacker Hardened™, the 5M’s we recommend are:

  • MANAGE – Supply of experienced CISO and senior security leadership capabilities and cyber security resources to complement, deliver or lead the CISO office or support an efficient and effective security Target Operating Model (ToM). (Also see CISO Fingerprint)
  • MEASURE – Capture your current security posture and level of risk exposure. Baseline your cyber and security controls and maturity level to define and inform your business strategy, policy, budget and critical defensive projects and security capabilities.
  • MONITOR – Provide real time oversight of your security estate, identify areas that are potentially open to exploitation. Monitor for anomalies and changes in network behaviour to identify possible internal and external breaches. Provides executive insight for improved decision making.
  • MITIGATE – Penetration and adversarial Red Team Testing to identify gaps across; physical security, digital (cyber) security (IT & OT/ICS) and associated human factors. Prioritise mitigation strategies and solutions based on your level of risk appetite, threat landscape, availability of budgets, your cultural and resourcing requirements.
  • MAINTAIN – Virtual or aaS on-going executive oversight and management of your security estate. Recognising the business, legislative and security threat landscape changes frequently we help you achieve and maintain HACKER HARDENED (TM) status on going. Let us manage your security for you. (Also see CISO Footprint)

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A 7 step process to harden you business to attack. Defining policy , identifying gaps and monitoring the companies steps to a hacker hardened environment and ensuring this is maintained in an ever changing landscape




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    “Mike Loginov is a commentator and presenter on the International Cyber Security Speaker Circuit and has been a judge for the SC Magazine European Cyber Security Awards... read more

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