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How to Hire a CISO


The question of eligibility surrounding Susan Mauldin, Equifax’s recently ‘retired’ Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), has been raised by those who rightly seek answers to the overarching question hanging over the beleaguered companies leadership team:

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Are you safe from these common Cyber-attacks?

Do you know out of every 10 people, 7 are at risk of cyber-attacks? Wondering why is that? Well, that’s because of poor security practices and of course lack of cyber security awareness.

Could you become the next victim of cyber-attack?

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Powel Experts – Cyber Security

Chief of Cyber Security Mike Loginov on cyber security and how Powel can add value to our clients when it comes to fighting more persistent and prevalent attacks.

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Computer security is broken from top to bottom

OVER a couple of days in February, hundreds of thousands of point-of-sale printers in restaurants around the world began behaving strangely. Some churned out bizarre pictures of computers and giant robots signed, “with love from the hacker God himself”. Some informed their owners that, “YOUR PRINTER HAS BEEN PWND’D”. Some told them, “For the love of God, please close this port”.

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