Associating and co-operating with global security associations to share


ASCOT BARCLAY GROUP are proud to be the technical support and commercial operations affiliate of CyberPOL.

CYBERPOL, the International Cyber Policing Organization is an international not for profit organization affirmed by Royal Decree no WL22/16.595  in Belgium 2 July 2015 to provide the widest possible mutual cooperation in response to contemporary Cyber threats.

REMIT:  CyberPOL operates under article 34 and Ascot Barclay Group in the commercial sector under articles 1-41. 

This important combine presents an unparalleled force for good in the face of a threat tidal wave.


The CYBERPOL / ABG team have an average 35 man years immersion in senior Cyber solutions consulting and threat management experience. Awarded and recognised individually, the same team have made some of the most significant developments in the Cyber world during the past four and a half years.


By focussing ON the global cyber threat landscape at a senior strategic level the CYBERPOL / ABG team are able to plot a course, develop solutions and remediate threats that more single pointed and micro solutions / consultants simply can't see.


The dialogue, so informed, returns a clear view of how the future needs to shape in order to counter the evolving threat landscape. Refer to the CYBERPOL vision and mission below.


CYBERPOL have preferred ABG as they have remained loyal to the senior consulting services as opposed to being pulled in the direction of focussed growth in one or more of the popular specialities such as Penetration Testing that have now become highly commoditised. ABG's lean and nimble leadership remains clear and highly focussed.


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“Mike Loginov is a commentator and presenter on the International Cyber Security Speaker Circuit and has been a judge for the SC Magazine European Cyber Security Awardsfor the past three years. He is also regularly quoted in this leading security publication as an authoritative source”. – SC Magazine