The CISO is usually a scapegoat for failings beyond their reach. The job specification includes a kitchen sink or two.

This role spawned as an afterthought in the late 1990's and its relative immaturity presents a series of traps into which the unwary invariably fall.

Example ABG CISO Finger Print

The Offer

Breaking the population of so called CISO's out into their constituent parts is no easy task but it is one that is close to being completed.

Ascot Barclay Group first of all recognised that identifying each of the specific disciplines and skills the role typically demands was not enough so they attached a weighting model to deliver a mathematical output that they then converted to a graphical view which broadly separated the Technical / Engineering aspects from the more Strategic / Managerial traits; the result is what we call their CISO Finger Print. The many test results in so far illustrate that just like the human finger print all CISO's are truly unique.

The CISO Finger Print presents graphical image of the CISO in a non- linear model that:

  • weighs 13 core characteristics / traits
  • removes sensitivity over scoring
  • de-sensitizes the CISO over weaknesses and helps them to stress their strengths

At just over 100 CISO's finger printed through the BETA model ABG is now live with this model and testing more widely with an aim to help boards to benchmark a specification against the available pool and thereby inform the selection process far more determinedly for this difficult to appoint role.

This approach gets a far higher chance of delivering on what is fast becoming a number one priority for senior executives.


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